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Asnaf Gharimin

Who is Asnaf Gharimin?


From the point of language :

Gharimun is the plural [in Arabic] of ghaarim basically said that means the person who has debts. While gahriim also means people who are in debt and it is also sometimes defined as a person with creditors. The original meaning of the word in the language of Gharm is fixed / permanent.

From the point of the term :

Those who remained in him a debt or have creditors on his regular / permanent.


01People who have debts for the benefit of himself


02People who have debts to the benefit of society

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be eligible Asnaf Gharimin as follows:

01People who owe money for basic needs for themselves and their dependents and meet the goals of legislation for the purpose of debt shall not sin to God unless he repented.

06People owe an inevitable to finance the cost of production to meet the basic human needs

02Those who owe money for benefit yourself is like giving a living buying clothes, perform marriages, heal the sick, build houses, buy household furniture, marrying children or replace that damaged property of another person as a mistake, forget or similar. Debt levels must not be excessive.

07The indebtedness requires solution immediately and can not be postponed.

03The purpose owe is to meet the basic needs levels and not for luxury destination for extravagance in the basic preparation is forbidden for any Muslim.

08The purpose owe is to meet the basic needs levels and not for luxury destination for extravagance in the basic preparation is forbidden for any Muslim.

04People who owe due to natural disasters.

09People who want to get married but facing financial difficulties; [The rate of assistance for the purpose of having walimah required is equal to the a goat] - Refer mufti review dated January 10, 2012

05People debt to pay for treatment / medication.

10Those in debt because of his involvement in the community outreach activities such as management orphanage, nursing home, construction of houses of worship or any & nbsp; good deeds in serving the needs / requirements of the general welfare of society.


*Loan schemes for educational purposes was channeled to the State Education Trust Fund Melaka [TAPEM] for the purpose of coordination. Therefore, all conditions of eligibility is subject to the discretionary management of the TAPEM.


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