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Malacca Zakat Management


Zakat ( Investigation And Distribution )

Responsible for managing, planning and controlling the affairs of welfare beneficiaries consisting of all recipients who have ditentukan.Menyelaras and make inquiries of the application for those who need help and attention from the treasury.

Zakat Distribution Enactment

Administration Enactment of Religion of Islam (State of Malacca) 2002 Section 75 subsection 1. Council with the approval of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may make regulations to regulate all matters relating to the collection, administration and distribution of zakat and fitrah



The objective of Division

  1. Distribute zakat collection to eight recipients in accordance programs, schemes and projects that have been established in the budget zakat efficiently and effectively and meet the requirements of the statutes of the recipients of assistance.
  2. Identifying the poor and needy who need to be helped. Investigate and process applications help to determine the efficacy and feasibility in accordance with the guidelines and the required qualifications.
  3. Create a feeling of pleasure and patience among those who are deserving.
  4. Work with others to help those eligible from financial zakat.


  1. Fakir : People who have no property or livelihood but half of its revenues cover basic needs for themselves and their dependents.
  2. Poor : People who have no property or livelihood but still can not meet the basic needs of the whole either for himself or his family under his care.
  3. Amil : Orang yang menguruskan perihal zakat segi kutipan, pengurusan,kawalan dan sehinggalah kepada pengagihnya.
  4. Muallaf : People who are new converts to Islam who tamed him with the provided guidance and assistance to enable them to remain steadfast love Islam.
  5. Riqab : Slaves who were given the opportunity by his master to redeem and liberate himself but did not have the money for that purpose.
  6. Gharimin : Those who owe permitted by Islamic law as debt for the benefit of the public but can not afford to pay the debt.
  7. Fisabilillah : People who are struggling for their needs and program maslahah (interest) people - Muslims to spread Islam.
  8. Ibnu Sabil : Musafir which decision or out shopping for travel aimed at both allowed by the legislation.


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