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MAIM Client Charter

The seriousness of each service member of the Malacca Islamic Religious Council in providing services efficiently, friendly and effective to:

Distribution of Zakat

Carry out an investigation on the application and hand over the assistance to the successful applicant within 35 working days from the date the application is made.


Implement the wakaf application process within 3 working months from the date the complete application is received.


Implement the Baitulmal Division land redemption process within 60 working days.

Registration of Muallaf

i) Process the registration of Muallaf and the issuance of a declaration card to embrace Islam within 45 minutes from receipt of the completed form

ii) Implement knowledge improvement programs for Muslims at least 24 times a year.

Orphanage Management

To ensure that the performance of students who occupy the Orphanage has an improvement according to the assessment scale.

Customer Complaint Management

Ensure that feedback on complaints received is answered within 3 working days and take action on complaints within 14 working days.


Claim payments are processed within 14 working days from the date of receipt of a complete claim. (except payment of allowances and emoluments)


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