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Majlis Agama Islam Melaka has provided financial assistance to five orphanages in Malacca. Two of them fully controlled by the Majlis Agama Islam Melaka and the balance goes below the committees established. A total of RM 1.2 million is spent every year through the provision of zakat recipients under fisabilillah for management purposes orphanage.

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Al Haj Orphanages (RAYSAAS)

The initial construction (RAYSAAS) began in November 2001 and was completed in February 2002 on the land that was donated by Y.Bhg Datuk H.M. Shah. The orphanage was officiated by His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Al late Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah. Construction costs orphanage houses 100 inmates were able to have cost a total of RM 2.7 million was channeled through the Government's contribution Melaka, Melaka Islamic Religious Council and public donations.

Management of this orphanage is controlled entirely by the Majlis Agama Islam Melaka through financial allocations have been set. RAYSAAS main objectives are as shelter to children - orphans and the poor state of Malacca. With a mission to provide a harmonious and happy life and guiding the children of the formation of a strong personality to the science and practice of values in life

Function   Terms of Recruitment
  1. Management of school placements
  2. Management suitable accommodation
  3. Management meal and drink enough
  4. Management of clothing and equipment ideal everyday
  5. Management education
  1. Child Birth Melaka
  2. Malaysians
  3. Orphans / Poor (father's death)
  4. Income guardian below RM 700.00 / month
  5. Students are physically and mentally healthy
  6. Students do not have a criminal Juvenile record 
  7. Application for orphans only 2 people per family 

Manager's Name : Mr. Hj Ibrahim Bin Hamid

Address : KM 17 Pantai Puteri, 76400 Tanjung Kling, Melaka

Orphanage Complex Fatimah Al Zaharah ( KAYFAZ)

Construction Orphanage Complex Fatimah Al Zaharah is a joint venture project by the Islamic Women's Welfare Institute (LIPI) Melaka and Melaka Islamic Religious Council on the land that was donated by Puan Hajjah Y.BHG Che Mah bt Hitam. Development costs orphanage that can accommodate 100 persons amounted to RM 1.2 million was channeled through the Government's contribution Melaka, Melaka Islamic Religious Council and public donations.

The complex management placed entirely under the control of the Majlis Agama Islam Melaka where the MAIM pay all expenses for the care of the complex. KAYFAZ mission is to provide a harmonious and happy life and guiding the children of the formation of a strong personality with knowledge and values - values in life

Child Welfare Society - Islamic Orphanage Jasin

The original establishment of the Child Welfare Society - Islamic Orphanage Jasin erupted from UMNO Welfare Bureau Jasin idea about the fate of the defense of children - orphans and destitute in Jasin. Organisation began operating in 1977 in the royal house which accommodates only male residents only. In 2000 management Jasin Orphans Welfare Organisation has launched a fundraising to finance the construction of the orphanage better and perfect. The result of the donation which was launched organization can collect a number of RM 800 thousand. Of proceeds conducted the construction of an orphanage built on a land area of 0.8 acres awarded by the Melaka State Government. Child Welfare Society now - Orphans Jasin District has its own building where he has 2 dormitory that houses both men and women and it is also equipped with the basic facilities for the comfort of the occupants and the management of the establishment.

Poor Orphan Welfare Home Paya Rumput ( PAYASUM)

Early establishment started in 1940 by the late Mr. Guru Hj Othman Bin Abd Wahid with name Madrasah Diniah aimed at teaching children about science Religious kariah.In 1954 Madrasah Diniah start taking children - orphans by building a dormitory that houses 60 male students.To launch the management, Madrasah Diniah been registered under the Board of Societies Orphans and Poor. In 1965, with the increase in the madrasah students have to build another school known as Madrasah Al Nuriah developed in Pekan Ozubulu to accommodate 200 female students. To ensure the comfort and convenience of residents PAYASUM, the state government provided financial assistance to help management PAYASUM govern well and perfect. The result of cooperation, PAYASUM has spawned successful individuals in their respective fields.

Darul Al- Tam Orphanages

Establishment began in April 1988 by members of the Masjid Kampung Bukit Pegoh, Pernu, Melaka. The initial purpose of the establishment of this orphanage is the sense of responsibility of the mosque committee members on the fate of the orphans and the poor in need of help and attention. At the beginning only 21 orphans living in Orphanage Darul Ai-Tam and it is increasing year by year. Parallels an increase in occupants, management of Orphanage Darul Ai-Tam was submitted to the Board of Charities and Trust Orphanage. Through a piece of land that was endowed, the management has built an administrative building more comfortable on the financial contributions received from the public. Results of cooperation, Orphanage Darul Ai-Tam was able to carry out development programs for orphans especially in memorizing the Quran.


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