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Malacca Islamic Religion Council,
Pusat Islam Melaka, Bukit Palah,
75400, Melaka.

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Zakat ( Siasatan Dan Agihan )

Bertanggungjawab dalam mengurus,merancang dan mengawal hal ehwal kebajikan para penerima bantuan yang terdiri daripada semua asnaf yang telah ditentukan.Menyelaras dan membuat siasatan terhadap permohonan bagi mereka yang memerlukan bantuan dan perhatian daripada pihak Baitulmal.

Enakmen Pengagihan Zakat

Enakmen Pentadbiran Agama Islam ( Negeri Melaka ) 2002 Seksyen 75 ceraian 1. Majlis dengan persetujuan Yang di-Pertuan Agong boleh membuat peraturan-peraturan untuk mengawal selia semua perkara yang berhubungan dengan pemungutan,pentadbiran dan pembahagian zakat dan fitrah.


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Wakaf & General Sources


Wakaf literally means ' cease or ' restrained '. In terms of terminology is their property or wealth to the possession or in the possession of God 's law; with the goal of bringing souls to God; and finally gives the benefit or outcome to the virtues that are determined by the waqif for ever. Wakaf are also known by the name of charity, alms deeds in continuously reward from time to time as long as it is been used.



General Sources are known as the treasury , it is a form of administrative control properties of Muslims who has died but does not have heir or inherit any, but also not eliminating all parts, as it must be based on faraid.

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New Muallaf

Management of Muslims Station (New Muallaf)

Responsible in helping and guiding new muallaf strengthening the faith, foster the sense of responsibility towards Islam and also apply the values and ways of life based on Islam in themselves and among the new muallaf.



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Religious Agencies

Information is being updated


Majlis Agama Islam Melaka has provided financial assistance to five orphanages in Malacca. Two of them fully controlled by the Majlis Agama Islam Melaka and the balance goes below the committees established. A total of RM 1.2 million is spent every year through the provision of zakat recipients under fisabilillah for management purposes orphanage.


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eMasjid Program

eMasjid Program

Melaka Islamic Religion Council collaborate with Melaka ICT Holdings Berhad (MICTH) and Telekom Malaysia (TM) already launch the eMasjid Program the State of Melaka starting June 2013 followed by phases that has been agreed to. 


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Treasury in general can be define as home property or treasury that is managing all of the financial soure and property of muslims. With that the main responsibilities of MAIM Treasury is to manage the property and financial that is owned and entrusted towards Melaka Islamic Religion Council such as, alms, waqf and other source that is allowed by legislation in helping muslims for the sake of development socio-economic and poverty eradication.

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Al-Taqwa Volunteers

Helping those who needs it following by the schedule with giving the services such as trips to hospitals, charity homes, rehabilitation centers, prisons and the societies, in addition of giving the advisory on medication, education, career, counseling and welfare, such as financially and other things which are in needs. 

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