What Means By Asnaf Fi Sabilillah?

In terms of language it means the path to Allah SWT redha whether in faith or acts. When this sentence is absolute, then usually used for jihad [war]. This is the meaning which is agreed by most of the jurists or ijma 'jurists. While some debate among scholars in Mazhab Syafi'i also agreed that to mean sabilillah was referring to jihad and related matters. This is based on the notion that sabilillah it is absolute; provided for the jihad; and every verse of the Quran which explains sabililillah, mainly refers to the meaning of jihad except a few sentences.

While there are opinions from Imamiyyah Ja'fari and Zaydi sect that widen the meaning sabilillah to picture the way to get pleasure and reward of Allah SWT. This opinion is also in line with the opinion of Sayyid Rashid Redha sabilillah mentioning that it refers to the general welfare of the Muslims, which the upright religion and government, and not for personal gain. Similarly, the opinion that interprets Mahmud Syaltut sabilillah with the public good that is not owned by individuals, which is not only used by someone, only to Allah and their usefulness for God's creatures.

Ultimately, if ditarjih Opinions and other related, it can be said that the purpose sabilillah in paragraph goal is obligatory jihad as stated consensus. Is not very accurate if understood in the sense that sabilillah all acts that pose the benefit and bertaqarrub to Allah SWT. But nor is it defined as jihad in the sense of purely military. Jihad is meant here can also be done in the form of Tulsa or words which accounted for jihad in thinking, education, social, economic and political as that covered by the purpose of jihad war. It meets the intent as a hadith that reads, "that the charity [alms] is not lawful for the rich, but five groups." Among other person owing and fight in the cause of Allah.

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